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The idea for Qualified, Inc. (the nonprofit) came from Chapter Thirteen of my book... 



The purpose of these clubs is to promote financial literacy.  Currently, we are meeting with leaders who wish to promote the idea of teaching (mortgage) banking class and real estate classes to high school students in any type of high school.

Our "pilot program" is complete and has created enthusiasm for others to follow.  For more information contact Wes Waddle.  Find out how your school or community can start such a program in the near future.  

Every State in these Unites States has a different regulator which handles the education and training of professionals in their related industry.

REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENT-- will guide the regulations for licensing real estate professionals.  

DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS -- will have specific guidelines for licensing mortgage and banking professionals.

DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE -- will have specific tests and fees required for licensure.

Check with the regulators in your state.  They will inform you as to the fees and number of class hours required for your students (typically, age eighteen and older) to be licensed.  Some states will allow your students to complete all of their class hours prior to becoming age eighteen.  Have your students learn to interview with potential employers as soon as possible.  On graduation day, you may want to announce which students have completed this program.  

As a teacher, school guidance counselor, or tutor you may want to use the chapters such as:
*Values and Ethics
*When High School Seniors Take Over 

When you see or hear the word "Education"; you typically will envision a high school or college classroom.  Your high school classes will last for four years.  Your college classes will last for four (or more) years.  Yet, we all have been educating ourselves for many years through books and through life (also known as "The School Of Hard Knocks").  You will want to use all of your knowledge.

I have met some great individuals who never attended college and have become very wealthy.  I have also met some amazing college graduates who struggle financially or in other aspects of life.  We, as humans, tend to underestimate ourselves.  Your students will be the leaders of the next generation.  

Success leaves clues. If you are a student; find a successful mentor today.  Find somebody who knows you, likes you, and trusts you who is already successful in some area of life where you would like to become successful. Follow their lead as they travel the road to "Success".  Success is not a destination.  Success is a journey.

You will have many opportunities to learn something today.  Use them wisely.  You may not graduate with honors; not everyone can.  However, you can graduate and build great friendships throughout your life.  

Get a Vision--FOCUS--and Succeed!

What does an OverQualified Club do?

Your high school age students and young adults will learn to...

opportunities for careers which can be done in your local community without (or while) going to college.

conversations with professionals

of different opportunities where your high school graduates can become professionals in your community.

professionals to your church or civic group. Professionals in business are active in their community.


 and brainstorming with professionals to learn more in a personal setting. 

the actions of professional business leaders in your community.  Success leaves clues.  Professionals will share ideas with you.

  Professionals will introduce you to others in the community.  You have the opportunity to introduce them to others.

 Ask leaders in your community to put your activities (such as your church meetings) on their calendar.  

  When people know you, like you, and trust you; they tend to do business with you.